Workflows Module is Coming Soon

Workflows Coming AggreGate 5.3 will feature a long-waited Workflows module. Workflows are user-defined actions that combine server-side data processing operations and operator interaction steps (UI Procedures). The workflows module helps to define those actions by adding various steps that may depend to each other and benefit from conditional branching.

Workflows are ideal for configuring various incident resolution and debriefing patterns that will be interactively launched upon various alerts. Thus, workflows will be crucial for any AggreGate-based umbrella monitoring and management project, be it IT, automation or security infrastructure management.

AggreGate Trainig in Barcelona

A senior member of our development team, Daniel Baskakov, has recently visited sunny Barcelona for technical training to GTD, our new partner in the region. The two-week training and hands-on experience were dedicated to using AggreGate Platform and SCADA/HMI as an umbrella management system in the Port of Barcelona.

GTD engineers were quite impressed by AggreGate solution capabilities. The learning process was successful and real fun!

AggreGate technical training for GTD

AggreGate technical training is normally conducted on-site and adopted to the needs of a specific project. Visit Training and Education website section for more details.