IoT Use Case. How AggreGate participated in the Universiade

The Winter Universiade 2019 — world youth and student sports competition — took place in Krasnoyarsk on March, 2-12. 76 medal sets were awarded in 11 different sports. 34 sporting and non-sporting facilities appeared special for the competition. The task was to arrange their monitoring, to gain real-time information as well as to ensure coordination across all departments during the emergency and non-emergency situations.

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Sales Kick-Off 2020: Overview, Photos, Plans for Future

At the end of January our team took part in the annual Russian Sales Kick-Off partnership conference organized by Orange Business Services. What can we say? The conference was super successful and interesting for both participants and delegates.

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IoT Use Case. MES for Packaging Lines

SMITEC SWM is a modular and configurable Industry 4.0 IT suite based on AggreGate SCADA/HMI, aimed at supervision of packaging and other manufacturing line types. Its features include monitoring, data collection, production tracking and management, as well as KPI calculation (OEE).

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Looking for a Cost-Effective IoT Solution for Energy Management?

AggreGate IoT Solutions for Power Engineering It seems, you’ve finally found it!

AggreGate SCADA/HMI and other AggreGate-based products recognize a wide range of power engineering tasks, such as vendor-agnostic supervisory control for power generation facilities, remote monitoring and automation of substations, advanced energy metering and statistical reporting, usage analytics, supply and demand management.

Make sure of that by learning our case studies:

  • Automating steam turbine operation system for one of the largest sugar producers in the world. Download the Use Case.
  • Centralized incident monitoring and management system for a large-scale electric grid company in Moscow. Download the Use Case.
  • Distributed real-time data acquisition system for the nuclear research reactor of Kurchatov Institute. Download the Use Case.

AggreGate will Allow Oil and Gas Companies to Prevent Oil Loss and Avoid Ecosystem Pollution

At the National Oil and Gas Forum, our partner Fort Dialogue Company presented visual virtual demo project called “Automated spillage response system”. It was implemented on AggreGate SCADA/HMI basis.

Upon emergency, the system responses immediately and redirects oil flows: it cuts off failing gate valves, opens other ones, and shuts off pumps.

Meanwhile, drones with spill position coordinates get off from nearby airdromes to the emergency site. They carry out in-depth emergency cause analysis and estimate disaster extent by sending photo and video data to operator and storage. They also inform response units.

The broad event picture is reflected on two screens. The first one shows operator actions; the second one visualizes processes on emergency site in high quality: reversing, oil flow redirection in pipelines, drone actions, transmitted data precision, etc.

National Oil and Gas Forum 1National Oil and Gas Forum 2
Virtual demo project 1Virtual demo project 2Virtual demo project 3
Virtual demo project 4Virtual demo project 5Virtual demo project 6

Read More about AggreGate SCADA Based Projects:

  • AggreGate SCADA Monitors Roadheading Equipment of a Mining Company
  • Monitoring telecom tower energy supply for Flexenclosure - View Case Study
  • Automating steam turbine operation company for Shree Renuka Sugars - View Case Study
  • Distributed real-time data acquisition System for a nuclear research reactor - View Case Study

AggreGate at the XXIII Coal Mining Technologies International Exhibition “Coal of Russia and Mining”

AggreGate at the XXIII coal mining technologies international exhibition Coal of Russia and Mining Our partner Ilma Machine-building company took part at the XXIII coal mining technologies international exhibition “Coal of Russia and Mining”, which was held from 7 to 10 June in Novokuznetsk. Ilma, among their other products, presented the road heading equipment monitoring project based on AggreGate IoT integration platform.

More than 10 000 people visited the exhibition. Among them, there were 95% of experts representing coal mining, machinery, metallurgy, and other fields from various Russian cities and other countries.

At Ilma booth, business leaders paid attention to data/distance measuring equipment and AggreGate SCADA-based visualization system that facilitates heading machine control and allows headwork rate and efficiency evaluation.

Change of AggreGate SCADA/HMI licensing policy

Change of AggreGate SCADA licensing policyAfter thinking hard and discussing the matter with our partners worldwide, we’ve ended up with changing AggreGate SCADA/HMI licensing policy. From now on it doesn’t matter how many devices you have. AggreGate SCADA is now licensed by tags (which are sometimes called I/O channels). The price is given per one AggreGate server depending on tag count.

Are you using a free 3 devices version of SCADA? It is now available as a free version for 100 tags on download page.