AggreGate 6 with Web UI Builder Released!

Featuring completely new React-based Web UI and interactive Web UI Builder, the 6th version of our low-code development platform allows building advanced pixel-perfect browser interfaces.

These are not just plain old "IoT dashboards" – you can implement a working UI that follows any Adobe XD sketch without a single line of code!

See the Release Notes for more information.

Experience Sharing: How to Apply IoT in Manufacturing

The IoT (Internet of Things) has been actively developing all over the world, with use cases in ever more verticals. As IoT technologies are used for automating virtually all process types, the demand for them grows in all business areas, from retail to the energy sector. Every business aims for optimizing its cost structure while adopting the latest technology to enable new income sources. One advantage of the IoT, meanwhile, is its ability to cut the existing costs.

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AggreGate Technologies: Development and Integration

While choosing an IoT platform, the development speed and ease of integration are of key importance. We made sure that our global partners wouldn’t get stuck during their project implementation once a feature is missing. Therefore, we made it so that everything that can potentially be extended is programmatically extendable in AggreGate. Also, enterprise integration is enabled through any supported protocol.

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IoT Use Case. Manhole Monitoring System

Smart city digital technology helps to improve the quality of city dwellers’ life. For its part, AggreGate IoT Platform enables automation for many smart city systems and facilities, including wastewater processing and storm drains. One of our latest projects on manhole monitoring is just related to this system.

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IoT Use Case. Mobile App for Smart Cattle Farming

Everyone knows that cattle farming is an important sector of the economy, providing the population with such essential food products as meat, milk, etc. Automation of this branch of agriculture allows to significantly reduce the cost of livestock products since it simplifies many processes. A case in point is the mobile app development for smart cattle farming — one of our IoT use cases.

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