Sales Kick-Off 2020: Overview, Photos, Plans for Future

Russian Sales Kick-Off

At the end of January our team took part in the annual Russian Sales Kick-Off partnership conference organized by Orange Business Services. What can we say? The conference was super successful and interesting for both participants and delegates.

Our IoT solutions are fully in line with the business objectives of Orange Business Services. So we held a series of meetings and presentations with their customers at our booth. As a result, intriguing ideas were born on the implementation of new projects.

We presented a live demo case of a smart building, implemented on the AggreGate IoT platform.

This is how the building management system looks like:

AggreGate Building AutomationAggreGate IoT Solutions. Building Automation
AggreGate IoT Solutions. Building AutomationAggreGate IoT Solutions. Building Automation

The solution provides data collection from all engineering systems of the building and displays consolidated information for decision making and ensures continuous operation. Particularly, advanced lighting control is implemented in the room. In addition to the typical remote on and off lighting, there's a possibility to change the color temperature of the glow and dim it. In case if the lighting lamp burns out, the service center can be notified about that via email or SMS.

The analytics system is implemented on top of the parking slot occupation monitoring system. AggreGate on edge PLC deployment allows to control the entrances and exits of cars from the parking lot, as well as to identify so-called tailgating (when a car drives too closely behind another one without paying for the parking).

The local AggreGate server transfers all the information to a private cloud, where it is being processed. For example, the number of free parking slots, arriving and departing vehicles and the average parking time by day, week and month are counted. Based on this information, the building operator can implement a dynamic system of the parking payment.

As for plans for the future, we can’t reveal all the secrets. 😉 But we can confidently say that we look forward to cooperate with Orange Business Services.

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