Tibbo AggreGate ‪‎IoT‬ Platform Concept – a New Article by Victor Polyakov

Tibbo AggreGate ‪‎IoT‬ Platform Concept What's inside the ‪Internet of Things‬?

The Internet evolution has achieved the level when it is simply here for us at all times. We don’t even think of how we connect to a network, nor analyze the connection technical details, as well as we don’t care about who our communications service provider is. All-round Wi-Fi penetration and gradual IPv6 extension enable thousands of simple devices and trackers to interoperate continuously and send data “to the cloud”. Fast infrastructure advancement resulted in substituting the older Machine-to-Machine (M2M) term for more up-to-date Internet of Things (IoT) one.

Check a new article Tibbo AggreGate ‪‎IoT‬ Platform Concept by Victor Polyakov, CEO of Tibbo Systems.

Meet AggreGate ‪IoT Platform‬ at the International Security Expo ‪‎Secutech‬ 2016

Meet AggreGate #IoTPlatform at International Security Expo #Secutech 2016.

Опубликовано AggreGate IoT Integration Platform 3 марта 2016 г.

Tibbo Systems, the Gold Partner of IDC IoT Forum 2016

Tibbo has become the Gold Partner of IDC IoT Forum 2016 that brought together a great number of IoT experts, vendors and integrators. The main IDC conference mission was to help participants better understand current trends, identify prospective areas and take the lead in their respective fields. At the same time, the conference has provided excellent opportunities to meet with peers and establish new business relations.

Victor Polyakov, CEO of Tibbo Systems, held a speech on software and hardware IoT platform market as well as took part in a talk-show involving well-known IoT experts.

Every visitor attending the Tibbo booth had a chance to try the Internet of Things by managing our Lego machine and finding out more information on AggreGate IoT Platform.

Take a look at the photo-report below: