Meet AggreGate 5.4 with 10x Faster Storage, Graphical Programming Languages, Widget Component SDK and Many Other Great Features!

We've achieved great results in optimizing AggreGate server performance, especially event and value update storage performance. From now on, a single server can process and persistently store up to a hundred thousand events/updates per second, which is almost equal to 10 billion events per day. Such performance figures don't even require any high-end server hardware.

Release 5.4 of AggreGate IoT Platform

A new chapter is opened by this release. Presenting AggreGate's graphical and textual programming languages inspired by IEC 61131-3 standard, also known as "SoftPLC". Millions of engineers are now able to use AggreGate as a process control logic development environment.

Widget capabilities are no longer limited by the standard set of components. Now it can be easily extended. New Widget Component SDK allows to implement custom visual components in Java and use them in AggreGate widgets. Extend AggreGate's wide component palette with UI controls best suited to your needs.

We continue to make our UI interface more clear and user friendly. The next step is the lightweight icons. We redesigned them to be up to date with modern flat paradigm. New color coding assists user to navigate over various available toolbar actions.

Other major improvements include:

  • Built-in timestamps and quality for data tables
  • Component connectors that allow to visually link UI components with each other
  • Secure and reliable Agent communications
  • Granulation, a brand-new highly customizable data aggregation and consolidation tool
  • Server remote upgrading

We are bringing our IT & Network Management solution to a new level by turning it into a full-fledged IT Service Management System. In this release, we introduce several essential instruments for that: Configuration Management Database (CMDB), metrics engine and topology-based root-cause analysis tools. Another ITSM functionality - IP address management module - is now available and you can use it out of the box.

AggreGate 5.4 includes new device drivers: CoAP, MQTT, IEC 104, DLMS/COSEM, SMI-S.

Please check detailed information on the new 5.4 release, download the 5.4 version of AggreGate IoT Platform and let us know how it works for you!

What does AggreGate Offer for Financial and Insurance Institutions?

AggreGate Solutions for Financial and Insurance No need to say that informational systems are driving all financial and insurance institutions nowadays. For instance, a millisecond advantage in network latency can completely invert a trading application's success. More and more companies are realizing the need of a reliable infrastructure monitoring solution.

AggreGate Network Manager offers complete monitoring for organizations which need to deliver operational analytics to gain end-to-end actionable insights across their entire infrastructure. Read more.