AggreGate SDK

We are almost ready to publish open-source AggreGate SDK that includes four parts:

  • LinkServer API for full remote control of AggreGate LinkServer and all connected hardware
  • Driver Development Kit (DDK) for creating new LinkServer device drivers
  • Plugin SDK for extending LinkServer with new data processing/presentation modules
  • Agent SDK for implementing Java-based AggreGate Agents

The SDK will include extensive documentation, examples, and Java source codes for all modules.

Network Manager Overview

Have been working on AggreGate Network Manager for several months, we've made a lot of modifications and improvements along with totally new features ---  many big, important, and really interesting ones. Should we say we have a new AggreGate Network Manager now? Looks like that.

Anyway we are currently (re-)documenting AggreGate Network Manager… and an idea emerged: why not to post some of its fresh and hot snippets here? We don’t see any impediments so far! And so here we go… starting with the Network Manager overview.

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