AggreGate SCADA Monitors Roadheading Equipment of a Mining Company

Tibbo engineers have deployed a roadheading equipment monitoring system for Ilma machine-building company. Being the well-known mining company among professionals in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany, Poland and China, Ilma specializes in design, manufacturing and maintenance of mining equipment control systems.

The key Ilma project task involved real-time monitoring of roadheading telemetry data. Therefore, a set of reliable and user-friendly tools for collecting, storing, processing as well as visualizing statistical and historical values were strongly needed. For solving this task, Ilma has chosen AggreGate SCADA/HMI.

AggreGate Scada/HMI monitoringAggreGate Scada/HMI monitoring

Thanks to advanced AggreGate SCADA/HMI tools, the centralized monitoring and data acquisition system is used for process monitoring by control room operators. Technicians use it to analyze machine state while financial officers and managers benefit from business process and personnel performance analysis.

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  1. Machine building has so many factors needed to be monitored, and you can only do so with an advanced and well-developed remote monitoring system. It is good that AggreGAte SCADA/HMI is able to encompass so many aspects in the business Thanks for sharing this great monitoring system. Businessmen will now have options to choose when it comes to monitoring business operations.

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