Born for AggreGate

Do you know that some devices are designed specially for AggreGate? One of them is a simple and easy-to-use TR610 Tibbo Time Recorder. It utilizes RFID technology to allow quick employee registration on entrance/exit gates.

The TR610 was developed to dovetail with AggreGate Time and Attendance for providing optimal administration and reporting facilities.

AggreGate Time and Attendance for TR610

The TR610 can enroll itself automatically with AggreGate Server and begin streaming attendance data in near-real-time over the network. While the terminal can be configured via AggreGate, its web connectivity and on-screen menu work even when it’s enrolled with AggreGate.

Combination of time recorders with open-source firmware and attendance control software based on an enterprise device management platform provided a lot of benefits. What are they? Read more about it on

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