AggreGate technical training for Sputnik-Integration LLC

Tibbo office was recently visited by our new partner, Sputnik-Integration LLC. The visit aimed a week-long AggreGate technical training tailored to industrial automation projects such as oil derrick and oil terminal automation. Sputnik engineers were impressed by AggreGate SCADA's capabilities and very satisfied of the learning process.

Citing Mikael Puchnin, Head of Development Department: "AggreGate Platform is a non-typical system with rich functionality. Thus we've decided to study the product deeply and thoroughly. The system's completely met our expectations! It's a very flexible tool understanding various hardware pieces and software datasources. It allows to create scalable applications. We were really impressed by AggreGate solutions and will use the system for our projects."

AggreGate technical trainingAggreGate technical trainingAggreGate technical training

We are always happy to invite out partners for educational trainings, and if you prefer to be trained in your office our team members come to your location. Our trainings are always both productive and fun! Get more information here or contact us to discuss the details.

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