Victor Polyakov: Future trends for the Industrial Internet of Things

Victor Polyakov, CEO of Tibbo Systems Industrial Internet of Things is a new milestone in contemporary industrialization which redistributes manufacturing companies' impact on the market.

Industrial Internet of Things is mainly interesting to enterprises seeking for leadership by prices dumping and cost optimization. It's becoming possible now due to production automation and raw materials economy through integration with intelligent systems.

Victor Polyakov, CEO of Tibbo Systems, the main Russian software company developing enterprise-grade monitoring systems, told the organizers of the professional “Internet of Things” conference taking place in Moscow, October 29th, more about Internet of Things prospects. Continue reading Victor Polyakov: Future trends for the Industrial Internet of Things

Delayed Batch Operations

It's often necessary to perform a similar operation with thousands of your devices, regardless of whether they are online and functioning properly at the moment.

AggreGate was always offering a capability of delayed configuration changes: you can configure a thousand devices and your configuration changes will be delivered on "best effort" basis. But what if you need to execute an operation, e.g. perform a firmware upgrade? Continue reading Delayed Batch Operations

Technical training to Triad Systems Engineering, US

A member of our deployment team, Antony Logoyskiy, has recently visited Sterling, DC for technical training to Triad Systems Engineering, our new partner in the US.

The one-week training and hands-on experience were dedicated to using AggreGate Platform and SCADA/HMI as an umbrella management system.

TSE engineers were quite impressed by AggreGate solution flexibility. The most excited part of training was dedicate to developing of visualization. TSE team mentioned the extremely comfortable, useful and easy tool for building widgets and dashboards. Almost all end-customer requests can be implemented in short time.

During this training session we connected all PLCs which are used in production to AggreGate Platform and built several widgets and dashboards for monitoring and management these PLCs.

AggreGate technical training for TSE

Please visit Training and Education website section for more details on our technical trainings terms and capabilities.

Participation in “Conference. Expo. Meetup”

IoT Conference On October 29, 2015, Tibbo will participate in "Conference. Expo. Meetup", Russia's most important event devoted entirely to the Internet of Everything technologies and the Internet of Things market.

According to the organizer, the event will provide an opportunity to learn the most interesting things about the IoT technology of this area, get acquainted with famous speakers, find out opinions of experts, make new business contacts, participate in informative workshops and socialize with colleagues to exchange valuable experience.

Continue reading Participation in “Conference. Expo. Meetup”