Meet AggreGate 5.3 with enhanced GIS capabilities, better OPC connectivity and a new Dashboard Designer

AggreGate IoT Platform. Release 5.3 Being the first major release in 2016, AggreGate 5.3 delivers enhancing GIS capabilities, better OPC connectivity, a new dashboard designer, as well as improved usability and new drivers.

Besides that AggreGate 5.3 features a Workflow module. It helps define those actions by adding various steps that may depend on each other and benefit from conditional branching. Workflows are ideal for configuring various incident resolution and debriefing patterns that will be interactively launched upon various alerts.

Platform's data acquisition layer was enhanced by new device drivers that include: Message stream, IPMI, CWMP, Web Transaction, and more.

Following customers' needs, AggreGate IoT platform delivers all-in-one chart widget for trending dynamic processes. From now on users can use the ordinary Create Chart wizard for a variable and select Advanced toolbar option. Finally, they will get a redesigned chart widget for viewing real-time and/or historical data, including series management support.

Among other major improvements are: range slider, popup widgets, centralized firmware management, REST API and other useful features.

Please check the detailed information on the new release 5.3, download version 5.3 of AggreGate Internet of Things Platform and let us know how it works for you.

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