Victor Polyakov, CEO of Tibbo Systems, at the Main Industrial Trade Fair of Russia, INNOPROM 2016

Victor Polyakov, CEO of Tibbo Systems, took part in several key sessions at the main industrial trade fair of Russia, INNOPROM 2016. It was held from 11th to 14th July 2016 in Ekaterinburg.

At the conference on Industrial Internet Future in Russia and Worldwide, he spoke about two main problems that hinder industrial Internet and IoT development in this country.

At the forsyth-session called "Eurasian Digital Platforms: to Be or Not to Be?", Victor brought his point of view regarding Russian status in digital transformation environment. In addition, he told about the correlation between industry platforms and end-to-end IoT platforms.

At the Round Table on Internet of Things Technologies for Cities, Victor Polyakov reported on Smart City IQ increasing and IoT platform role in that process. He also expressed an expert commentary on Urban IoT priority issues.

Please get sight of photos from the event below:

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