German-Russian Talks in Baden-Baden – Creating Digital Future Together

Taking part in German-Russian events dedicated to Industry 4.0 and partnership of the two countries has become a nice tradition for Tibbo Systems.

At the beginning of September, Victor Polyakov visited German-Russian talks in Baden-Baden and presented our company and IoT platform within the context of the session called “Technology revolution: growth potential and possibilities of partnership with Russia”.

The experts discussed digital innovation in Russia and Germany, technological revolution influence on the countries interaction, possible effects of digitalization, artificial intellect impact on labor-market, etc.

Among the participants of the event were the ex-president of Germany Christian Wulff, BMF Foundation president Dr. Michael Shafer, the former president of German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations Prof. Klaus Mangold and others.

The event sponsors also carried through a number of informal activities: quests, lunches, and sports meetings. As you know, friendly environment and informal setting encourage productive communication.

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