Guess Who Grows Mature?


Hey there! Know what? We have already been developing AggreGate Platform for 18 years! It was “born” in 2001 and someone may think it is still not perfect, but look how it started out!

Did you know that we wrote the first product version, called LinkServer, in C++ and ported it to Java only in 2004? Here’s how it looked in the first public release:

first_product_release first_prouct_release_admin_page

You might also be curious to see our first office. Not that it was a garage, and yet a private apartment. Ta-dah!


Our first bug tracker deserves special attention. It was a simple jar at the beginning, and today we use professional issue tracking software, of course. By the way, we’ve recently celebrated the 10,000th task closing! Just imagine the size of the jar we would have needed for all of them...


Honestly speaking, back then we didn't fully understand what the end-product should be. Finally, we figured it out and Tibbo AggreGate appeared in 2006. Shortly after that, we introduced a new Web Desktop user interface. Looks charming, doesn’t it?


It took us 5 releases to finalize our search of a common denominator for diverse control and monitoring systems. Starting with AggreGate 5 we could offer a solution for automation and monitoring projects of any scale! Luckily we’ve managed to preserve the system universality and flexibility.

Do you know any products that have changed their names many times in the long run? We do! At the beginning of development, we used to call our main product “Device Management Framework”, then the “M2M Platform” definition appeared, later the “IoT Integration Platform” came into being. Today AggreGate is much more than that, it’s a comprehensive Unified Digital Enterprise Platform.

This transformation would be impossible without our team of professionals and enthusiasts. You know, it all started with 3 ambitious people having increased tenfold, as of today! Can you believe it?

tibbo_systems_ceo What to say about our plans for the future? Let’s quote our boss Victor Polyakov: “We’re going to conquer the world!”

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