Learn How to Sell AggreGate in 3 Hours — Training for Partner

The AggreGate web site has around 70 pages about technology, over 100 pages about solutions, and almost 20 pages about industrial use cases...

Yes, we know that it’s quite a long read for a new business partner’s sellers.😃

Is there a way to start selling AggreGate faster?

Yes, get a good sales introduction to the platform!

In Tibbo Systems, we enjoy experiments. We also love to welcome new partners who are keen to develop their AggreGate selling skills. That’s why when a partner from Brazil asked about a brief remote sales training, we replied: “Why not!”.

The challenge was to squeeze a five-day sales training that we do in-person to a three-hour remote Zoom session.

We did our best and glad that the feedback from the partner was positive.

During the session, we covered core AggreGate Platform capabilities, vertical solutions built on AggreGate, Tibbo Systems partnership model, and many more topics.

Like “a picture is worth a thousand words,” a one-hour demonstration of real-world solutions built on AggreGate is worth a day of talking about the platform’s features and functions.

The list looked impressive:

🔹 Smart campus monitoring in Asia
🔹 Monitoring of thousands of street lights in Eastern Europe
🔹 Telecom base stations monitoring in Russia
🔹 Cooling equipment monitoring and management solution in Asia
🔹 Many SCADA solutions across the globe
🔹 Business services monitoring solution for a government agency in Russia
🔹 Telecom towers power supply monitoring and management solution in Africa
🔹 Building automation systems in Europe and Asia
🔹 Complex monitoring solution for gas stations and terminals in Russia
🔹 Complex port infrastructure monitoring solution in Europe
🔹 Business process monitoring solution for a bank in Russia
🔹 Datacenter monitoring and management system in Russia
🔹 Smart packaging line monitoring system in Europe
🔹 Monitoring solution for smart agriculture project in Russia
🔹 and more

As all training participants confirmed, that was the best proof of the platform capabilities and reliability.

We’ve got a great experience. We also admit that it’s impossible to replace a full week of a deep dive into the art of AggreGate selling with one remote session. That’s why we look forward to coming to Brazil later this year!

The journey has just begun.😃

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