Welcome a New Release of AggreGate Device Management Platform!

AggreGate 5.1 The feature list of AggreGate 5.1 may not seem too long, but it includes one major achievement that makes it clear how our R&D team spent 2014 - a production version of Web Desktop, a long-awaited HTML5-based web interface complementing the existing Java-based browser interface!

Good news is that Web Desktop doesn't require Java to be installed on operator machines, effectively allowing everyday monitoring and management activities to be performed from Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, as well as most other mobile devices.

Moreover, AggreGate Web Desktop does not limit operator activities in any sense, even allowing them to use maps, plans, forms, HMIs and other interfaces that were designed in AggreGate UI Builder.

Mind that the platform's data acquisition layer is now enhanced by many new device drivers that include OPC UA, DNP3, MeterBus, SOAP, CORBA, SIP, VMware API, Asterisk Manager Interface, generic GPS/GLONASS Tracker driver, and more.

Not to mention other major improvements, including user permission inheritance, authentication via Active Directory or LDAP, generic API for time series data aggregation, management of external database tables, support for Virtual Device Networks, and more. Feel free to find out more at https://aggregate.digital/news/release-51.html

Training Course Discount till February 2015!

During December 2014 and January 2015 we offer 50% off for four-day AggreGate Technical Training that takes place in your office! The regular price for this training course is US$ 2500, thus the price gets down to US$ 1250 (+ travel and lodging expenses).

The training consists of both classroom concepts and hands-on training related to mastering all aspects of system structure, deployment, administration, configuration, and visual development of data processing and visualization tools. The lessons assume physical configuration of AggreGate components and solution of simplified real-life tasks.

Each attendee who has successfully completed the training becomes a Certified AggreGate Engineer. The certificates are sent to the Partner within 10 days after the end of the training.

Get more information about the training or contact us to check availability for specific dates or request full training program.

Monitor Database Performance for Free!

Oracle Database Dashboard

AggreGate Network Manager offers advanced database performance monitoring capabilities. It can monitor health, status and performance metrics of Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and any other DBMS. Network Manager license for 10 devices is free. This doesn’t mean so much if we’re talking about “classic” network monitoring. However, monitoring ten database servers can mean being able to build company-wide database monitoring project for an SMB! To activate a free license download AggreGate Network Manager and select Free license type during the installation process. Will also work for SNMP- and WMI-based metric collection!

Explore the fifth state of aggregation — meet AggreGate 5!

Being available as a preview for longer than a year, AggreGate 5 is now officially released. The fifth generation of AggreGate platform is already being operated in many production systems managing smart devices, IT infrastructures, buildings, and industrial processes.

AggreGate Network Manager, SCADA/HMI, Building Automation, Access Control, and all other vertical market solutions based on the Platform have also got a major upgrade.

Explore the fifth state of aggregation -- meet AggreGate 5!

With the new AggreGate, Tibbo has finalized its search of a common denominator for diverse control and monitoring systems. AggreGate 5 is already the core of many OEM projects in narrow niche markets, such as vending, smart meters, or fleet management. All those projects have added value to flexibility and scalability of the Platform, advancing Network Manager, SCADA/HMI, and other derived products.

Customer-driven development

Similarly to test-driven development, customer-driven development assumes that most features are requested by the clients. That's the way we're approaching AggreGate v5. Large ongoing projects force us to add many minor features and improvements that cannot shine when being written to the news list. However, tons of these small things make large projects really "work" and solve their business tasks.

We're going to update our Case Studies section soon, check back later!